Nicole (matrixspaz01011) wrote in pioneervalley,

Northampton Food Swap!


Love food? Love to cook/can/dehydrate/grind/mash/cure/mix/bake/infuse/ferment/candy/brew? The Northampton Food Swap is a place to show off your wares, trade your goods and walk away with a fresh stash of culinary delights. Amateur cooks and professionals welcome.

A food swap is about pushing the boundaries a little. Try a new recipe, spice things up, throw in a crazy ingredient. Grandma's secret chocolate chip cookie recipe may be good but is it good enough to score you the Thai green curry paste or 50-year-old sourdough starter you've got your eye on?

Interested? Check out the NoHo Food Swap website for more information, pictures of past swaps, rules and ideas or "Like" us on Facebook for instant updates!
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